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Signature Ritz 'n' Glitz at The Playboy Club

"Life needs to be lived with a little style."
– Hugh Hefner

The world of Playboy really needs no introduction. It's pretty much locked into legendary status now, with tales of the Playboy Mansion, smoking jackets, the magazine and all the rest firmly part of pop culture.

But did you know that you can get a taste of the Playboy experience right here in London? The Playboy Club oozes glitz and glamour, starting with the simple fact that it's located in ritzy Mayfair. But it hardly stops there: everything about the venue lends itself to lavish private parties, whatever the occasion.

Playboy Club Entrance

Take the expansive reception space, Baroque, which welcomes up to 200 people for standing events. The theme, unsurprisingly, is baroque, which creates the deliberately flamboyant ambience, topped off with Champagne towers and an on-site stage for live performances, if part of the schedule. But the space is fancy and flexible, meaning it's also a popular choice for everything from exhibitions to sit-down dinners.

Playboy Club Baroque
Playboy Club Dining

The Tale Bar is another space that captures the decadent feel, but with a tad more of a laid-back atmosphere. In large part thanks to the plush suede couches, shaggy carpet and mood lighting, the room is what every relaxing bar-lounge should be: like an extended version of your living room. But way fancier. And with Playboy bunnies. No offence to your living room. The low-key feel means it's a great space for parties, corporate gatherings and team-building events.

Playboy Club Tale Bar

The iconic "bunnies", incidentally, are hospitality experts, tending to guests' needs with professional prowess, while clad in the legendary red corsets, cuffs, collars and bunny ears. The cocktails they serve are just as streamlined with the theme as everything else: consider the Tennessee Squirrel, with bourbon, amaretto, passion fruit and lemon; the Ecstasy Martini, composed of vodka, Cointreau, absinthe and sugar; or the Bunny Bubbles, comprising Benedictine liqueur, raspberry purée and Champagne.

Playboy Club Bunnies

And the hospitality extends beyond food and drinks, to the event as a whole. There's a casino upstairs, adding some high-stakes fun to an event. Bespoke packages are arranged all the time with ease and professional service, while you'll receive everything you'd expect for corporate and performance events, including state-of-the-art AV, lighting and sound. What stands out here, of course, is that you'll get it with that little bit more style. It's the Hef way.

Find out more about The Playboy Club and make an enquiry for your next event here.

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Talib Visram

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