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Manchester Central

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  • From £40 per person
  • 10900 people
  • City Centre
  • 10000m² (107639ft²)

Spaces in Manchester Central

400 Theatre

Charter 1

From P.O.A.

Charter 1 can be used as stand alone or in combination with Charter 2 and 3 to accommodate corporate events ranging from 100-person meetings to 500-seat dinners.

230 Theatre

Charter 2

From P.O.A.

Charter 2 can be used as a stand alone space or in combination with Charter 1 and 3 to accommodate a larger number of delegates. Charter 2 is the perfect room for your next event whether that be a smaller conference, team building away day or an evening banquet.

270 Theatre

Charter 3

From P.O.A.

Charter 3 is perfect for corporate events for up to 270 delegates whether your event be a workshops, team away day or seminar.

190 Theatre

Charter 4

From P.O.A.

Charter 4 is perfect for your next workshop, company away day or smaller conference.

1600 Theatre

Exchange Hall

From P.O.A.

Exchange Hall is a versatile event space suitable for a wide range of events and meetings. With its flexible layout, it can accommodate various setups including theatre-style, boardroom, cabaret, classroom, dining, dinner dance, reception, standing, and wedding events. The hall is equipped with modern facilities such as audiovisual equipment, lighting, and sound systems, making it ideal for corporate events, conferences, exhibitions, and private functions. The contemporary design and spacious layout provide a professional and elegant setting for any event. The venue hire price per day and per hour is available upon request. The estimated minimum spend to hire Exchange Hall is \u00a32000, making it a suitable choice for high-quality events and meetings. The typical start time for hiring this venue is 09:00, and the typical end time is 22:00.

40 Theatre

Exchange Rooms 2-7 (all rooms are identical)

From P.O.A.

Exchange Rooms 2-7 are identical in size and can be used as standalone rooms for smaller meetings for up to 20 or used in combinations of two for up to 36 delegates.

40 Theatre

Exchange Room 8

From P.O.A.

Exchange Room 8 is the ideal space for company away days, team building and smaller meetings, accommodating up to 40 delegates.

240 Theatre

Exchange Room 9

From P.O.A.

Exchange Room 9 is perfect for any event from workshops to smaller conferences and meetings and can accommodate up to 240 delegates. Exchange rooms 8-10 can be combined to create a much larger space for up to 400 delegates theatre style.

100 Theatre

Exchange Room 10

From P.O.A.

Exchange Room 10 is an ideal room for your next corporate event whether that be a workshop, small conference or meeting and can accommodate up to 100 delegates theatre style.

150 Theatre

Exchange Room 11

From P.O.A.

Exchange Room 11 is a truly unique space that can be used in a variety of seating configurations to suit any style of event.

10900 Theatre

Central Hall

From P.O.A.

The Central Hall is a magnificent uninterrupted and column-free space, that can be used for conventional exhibition layouts or more unusual installations that may benefit from the height and unique character of the building. The space has a capacity of up to 10,900, and can also be divided to form Central Hall 1 & 2.

About Manchester Central

Manchester Central one of the UK's largest and most versatile event venues situated in the heart of the city. Our vaulted arches and station clock have made our award-winning venue an iconic city feature for more than 140 years. With over 23,000² of flexible space and a capacity of over 10,000, Manchester Central hosts a unique array of events from intimate small business meetings to high-profile, large-scale conferences, sporting competitions, public exhibitions and international trade-shows.

Manchester Central

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