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Grounding Yourself With Empowerment In An Unstable World

Everyone needs empowerment in these uncertain times, and this talk from a master of motivation is sure to give your team a boost!

Grounding Yourself With Empowerment In An Unstable World


1 hour
From £19.20
5 to 1000 people
Lead time
1 day lead


The last year has been chaotic for a lot of us. A new world is coming about and we don't know where we stand in it if it's even safe to stand in it, and what we want from it. 2021 must be the year of change. Where we decide what we want, what we want to become and how we're going to do it. And it starts with you.

This event is about giving you the tools to make the change yourself, to root yourself in the identity you would like to create and to give you simple but effective processes to be able to lay a new foundation that won't be shaken. From changing your values and identity to bolstering your health, usage of time and task management and energising your mindset, physiology and how you communicate with yourself and others, this event is the best friend who gives you advice and helps you set yourself straight.

Participants will leave this class having learnt about:

  • Time/task management organisation
  • Common sense time management
  • Small dietary hacks
  • Getting into a peak state with vocabulary, physiology and mentality
  • Creating systems and habits that support you + habit linking
  • Transforming that inner voice in your head
  • Personal kindness – rewarding yourself physically, with dopamine hits, tracking time, and how to pull yourself towards your goals rather than push.
  • Reading body language

What's included?

  • 60 minute workshop on empowerment from expert coach

Price breakdown

Price per session

Price per person£19.20


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Shorter lead times than 1 day will incur additional fees

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