London Fashion Week Parties at Scotch of St James

The Beatles. The Beach Boys. Jimi Hendrix. Eric Clapton. Other than all being musical legends, what else do these icons have in common? They've all performed at the legendary nightclub, Scotch of St James, which was a musical staple in the Swinging '60s.

Restored in 2014, it's now a hugely appealing venue for music, fashion and arts events of all kinds. Part of the attraction of the venue is the unrivalled location: it's in the heart of Mayfair but enclosed in its own pretty enclave, Mason's Yard, making for an entirely exclusive feel.

Inside, the atmosphere is prestigious and elegant with classic cocktails served at the impressive bar, but still with the historic charm to foster the creative events taking place. In February, Scotch of St James was home to a successful London Fashion Week event for Maybelline New York, featuring a truly VIP guestlist, from Victoria's Secret models to musicians.

This September, the capital will again see London Fashion Week, a five-day event featuring the very best in ladies' fashion. Scotch of St James is offering its chic space for after-parties, which will be tailored precisely to the needs of specific brands and personalities, just as the venue pulled off for Maybelline.

That's not the only event that would be suited to the Scotch's historic grounds. It's also a popular choice for Christmas parties, cocktail-and-canapé receptions, pop-ups and various other functions – not to mention it's a perfect venue for what it was originally used for: music. Live gigs, DJ sets and ticketed performance events of all kinds will find a natural home right here, for obvious reasons.

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