29th June 2017

This month we released the full programme for EventLAB and we're pretty darn excited...

Here we've profiled three workshops that explore some common event-planning pain points. Each session is designed to give you practical takeaways and equip you with the skills and knowledge to tackle these challenges head on.

1. Innovative ways to make your event budget go further

The lowdown: Being resourceful and being able to work to strict budgets are practically part of an event manager's DNA. Defining what needs to be achieved, what is feasible and how to get there are the prominent stages of planning an event.

What becomes more challenging than setting and measuring the costs involved to achieve each stage, is ultimately reducing those costs and maximising revenue.

This workshop will explore the tactics that can be implemented to squeeze more out of your event budget.

The speaker: Matt Riley, CAE, The Conference Agency

Matt is the CEO of The Conference Agency, which specialises in organising B2B conferences and events, especially for associations and membership bodies. He founded the agency after a 12-year career as an association conference producer and CPD education director with the National Court Reporters Association. He's organised large conferences in New York and San Francisco as well as exclusive retreats in the Caribbean.

Who’s it for? Event Professionals - those who organise events as a part of their job, and need to maximise value for money for their company.

What You'll Learn

  • Leave with knowledge of innovative budgeting techniques
  • Identify areas within a budget to trim
  • Learn resourcefulness in budgeting
  • Implement new ways to stretch your budget
  • Save money for your company or allocate to new resources

2. Event management techniques for stress-free event planning

The lowdown: Being an Event Coordinator is the 5th most stressful job, according to a 2017 ranking noted by Forbes.

Whether or not this is truly the case, it’s clearly no secret that managing events can be a stress-inducing process.

Join this workshop to learn about the techniques you can adopt to combat those stress factors, improve efficiency and be happier and healthier doing it.

The speaker: Chris Powell, Director, The Event Expert

Chris has 18 years experience in event courses and programmes, both public and business, with students ranging from highly experienced coordinators to novice event planners. He has taught over 500 training events to 3000 event managers, has a keen attention to detail and a passion for events that allows him to create content-led learning opportunities for the success of his and his clients' events.

Who’s it for? Event organisers seeking ways to compartmentalise work and relaxation, and who want to truly leave the office upon, you know, leaving the office.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn new ways to combat the usual event stress in order to improve job and event performance
  • Acquire techniques on how to compartmentalise time at the office versus leisure
  • Leave with the skills and knowledge to eliminate inefficiencies in the event planning process
  • Master strategies to cope with daily distractions or disruptions while working
  • Gain insights in leading a happier and healthier life

3. UK politics of Brexit - How is it affecting business and what could that mean for the events industry?

The lowdown: There are so many opinions and uncertainties swirling around Brexit, but how exactly will it affect the events industry?

It’s anyone’s guess over the next two years as negotiations and the my-stuff-or-yours begins, but it is important to recognise that Brexit symbolises an opportunity to change the events industry for the better.

Come to this session to gain insights into the likely implications of Brexit on our industry and strategise on how to future-proof your organisation.

The speaker: Andy Bagnall, Director of External Affairs, KPMG.

Andy is KPMG’s director of external affairs and also oversees its public policy engagement in response to Britain’s exit from the EU. He has five years experience with CBI as director of campaigns and was a former special adviser to the UK government.

Who’s it for? Event industry suppliers serving the event sector both domestically and internationally, looking to ensure business stability and success in a post-Brexit world.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand the scope of Brexit’s effect on the UK events industry
  • Maintain industry growth in event services
  • Implement techniques to Brexit-proof your organisation
  • Learn how to remain profitable during the coming negotiations and beyond

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