Caiger & Co. Catering: Beautiful, Seasonal, Bespoke and Luxury

Food is such a central part of any event, from intimate parties to the snazziest of weddings. (It's pretty key to private dining events, too, we'd say.) We'd go so far as to say that food – just like a venue – can make or break an event. A divine seared scallop, saffron and chorizo bruschetta? Make. A dry chicken breast with clumped-together spaghetti drowned in boatloads of tomato sauce? Break.

Thankfully, the culinary professionals at Caiger & Co. use every utensil in the box to make events. They cover every event type, and every serving style, including canapés, buffets and seated fine dining. They take every step to ensure menus are tailored and personalised to each individual event, and cater to the whole spectrum of dietary requirements.

It all began back when Alix Caiger set up her own catering company after graduation, and from then until now, five years later, the focus has always been on innovation, and on solving the particular needs of specific events and event types. "Beautiful, seasonal, bespoke and luxury" has been the mantra, and the team strives to live up to the slogan with every event.

There's no doubt at all that the 'beautiful' and 'luxury' shine through in the food. Take, for example, canapés such as lobster lollipops with orange crème fraîche; tuna tequila tostadas with ceviche salsa; and artichoke heart, honey and goats' cheese pastry boats. Buffet options could include pulled pork and wild rice salad with cranberry and pecan, or perhaps the beetroot and carrot tagine with turmeric couscous. The buffet or canapé options work perfectly in cocktail reception, post-meeting networking gathering, and social get-together settings, to name but a few.

Sit-down fine dining is where the 'bespoke' comes into play, since each menu is carefully composed with the event and guests in mind, following chats between event-planners and the Caiger team. Needless to say, a bespoke wine list is created to fit the menu. Besides, produce is supplied by independent, artisan traders: meat and fish from a family business in the West Country; cheese and wine from specialist local suppliers, and so on.

And then there's the 'seasonal'. Caiger & Co. creates its marvellous menus by taking into account the time of the year, and the best produce available at any given time. For instance, spring menus may feature ingredients such as peas, leeks, spinach and rocket, while summer will see sweeter produce like peaches, strawberries, cherries and tomatoes. In the autumn, the team will use butternut squash, apples and figs, and winter events will be treated to dishes starring parsnips, pears, chestnuts and blood oranges.

Acting in unison, these factors, all of which represent genuine care for the craft of cooking, make Caiger a top choice for event bookers, and also for venues searching for in-house caterers. In fact, the team already works with a number of well-known venues, from historic buildings and warehouses to country houses and riverboats.

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