Seasonal Delights from Caiger & Co.

Nothing can spoil an event more than a rumbling stomach. Nothing is more distracting than dreaming of the main course as you check your watch thirty minutes into the speeches, especially if it’s your wedding. Don’t let your guest subsist on soggy canapes and microscopic portions, give them something hearty and delicious.

Caiger & Co. provide a comprehensive range of catering options. From canapes to fine dining, Caiger & Co. backs all its exquisite food with an expert team of chefs, wait staff, florists, photographers and cocktail mixers. With such an incredible range of simply delicious food available, we wanted to feature some of our favourites.


When it comes to canapes, Caiger & Co. serve everything from the spiced flavours of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine to more traditional European delicacies. If you want more substantial appetisers, their street-food style finger food is perfect. For something sweet, indulgent dessert treats are also available.

Our favourites include:

Panko prawns with lemon gomashio salt and Asian sesame mayonnaise

Cumin and chia crusted tuna, with a wasabi mayonnaise on a seaweed cracker

Salmon, caper and lemon fishcakes with dill mayonnaise and fennel pollen

Artichoke heart, honey and goat’s cheese pastry boats

Homemade fish fingers with a lemon, black pepper crumb with cones of fries

Pork belly sliders with steamed buns, pickled pear and apple salsa, mustard seed sauce

Rolo and caramel blondie brownies

Mini almond cakes, ricotta cream and red berries

Fine Dining

Dinner parties should be a complete culinary experience, one that leaves a lasting memory. Caiger & Co. believe using the finest ingredients is essential to this and they are dedicated to creating exciting experiences. They work with clients to create bespoke menus around locally-sourced ingredients paired with the perfect wine. Here’s our favourite meal from their sample menu.


Home smoked duck, sourdough croutons, carrot purée, fermented onion


Cod fillet with a chorizo, clam and vermouth sauce, creamed potatoes and parsley root, seasonal greens


Rosemary milk ice cream, brioche French toast


Simple and convenient, Caiger & Co. source seasonal ingredients to create a buffet menu tailored to your specifications. Caiger & Co. work with local producers wherever possible, and their food always reflects what’s seasonally available. Their buffets not just delicious, they also look incredible and add a sense of luxury to the aesthetic of any event. Some of our favourite buffet plates include:

Grilled rump of lamb with a chimichurri

Baked peppers with avocado and cherry tomato salsa with feta and chilli

Carrot and poppy seed salad with parsley, lemon and pickled charred onions

Green salad with radish, sumac, honey toasted seeds with a smacked cucumber & yoghurt dressing

Blondies with salted caramel


Caiger & Co. take true pride in their seasonal ingredients. Their passion and talent shows through in their mouth-watering autumn/winter menu available this season. Our featured choices from this gorgeous offering include:


Pomegranate chicken skewers with pistachio duckah crust

Cornish crab and yuzu cakes with kafir lime and sweet chilli


Beef croquettas with a green olive and white almond puree.


Whole roast stuffed free-range chicken, heritage carrots and fennel with sage and orange, charred seasonal greens, autumn vegetable crumbles with parmesan and parsley, Guinness jus.


Chocolate and chestnut torte with orange and cinnamon.

Caiger & Co are your events secret weapon. Whatever you're planning, booking Caiger & Co will ensure your guests enjoy incredible seasonal food, expertly tailored to your exact requirements.

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