16th October 2018

Located in Borough in London, Factory 45 is a 500m2 multi-purpose venue, capable of transforming into a plethora of spaces for a huge range of events. The venue has the ambition to bring people together through unifying and inspiring the young, creative entrepreneurs of London and beyond. Inspired by East Berlin, it specialises in arts, music, fashion, and fitness; the venue can host multiple events at once. Factory 45 has dedicated areas to different event specialities, including a fitness studio, a workplace, art gallery, and a photo studio.

Factory 45

Don’t be afraid to approach Factory 45 with a bold event idea, as this venue thrives on the new and exciting. For example, its fitness studio has a huge range of classes, and not just the standard ones either. A recent addition to be presented at the venue is Voga, a combination of Vogue and Yoga. With Voga, you can say namaste in style, as it brings together fashion and yoga in an empowering format (with a cocktail or two).

These types of events are typical of Factory 45, where the new and exciting come together to create an event that is simply unique. The fitness studio is fully equipped for an array of sporting events, from the regular weekly sessions to one-off product launches. With full workable lockers, showers, and amenities, including a smoothie station, fitness has never looked more fun than at Factory 45.

Factory 45 Photography Studio

If you’re more Vogue than Yoga, and fashion is your forte, then why not book the Factory 45 photo studio? The studio is able to transform to your creative vision, as shown by the numerous test shoots, campaigns, and editorials already shot there. The studio is your own blank canvas, for creative minds to take full advantage of the versatile space.

There are numerous inclusions to the rented space, such as a makeup area and clothing rack. If you’re short on equipment then extra items are available for separate hire, so you and your team can make the most of your day. The creative vibe of the photo studio is effortlessly transformed into the Factory 45 art gallery; where visual arts are exhibited every day. Everyone with a passion and an eye for the arts is encouraged to submit their work, which follows the ethos of the factory itself - a place where young creatives are unified and inspired.

Factory 45

Obviously, this space thrives at nightfall, where the masses come together for epic parties. For example, London Fashion Week recently used the amazing space that is Factory 45 as one of its venues, and upcoming artists can showcase their talents at the regular Friday and Saturday night parties. The space is open, flexible, and able to be interpreted into whatever event you have the vision for. If partying isn’t your vibe, the venue hosts daytime sessions with wellness talks and holistic therapy - there’s an event to suit everyone. Salsa events have taken place here, mixology lessons, student parties & inspiring talks from the arts and fashion world - the list is endless.

Factory 45 Outside Space

Factory 45 is a warehouse that’s inspired by the arts, and seeks to inspire the artists of the future. It encourages creativity through the blank space of the warehouse itself - your vision can easily become a reality. Whether it be a daytime photo shoot, a fitness showcase, or a DJ set for an intimate crowd, this venue can work for you.

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