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All Souls

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  • From £1500
  • 352 people
  • Unknown
  • 167m² (1798ft²)

Spaces in All Souls

70 Reception

Langham Room

From From £1,500.00 / Minimum Spend

The Langham Room at All Souls Langham Place is a versatile space suitable for various events and meetings. It is used for prayer meetings, ministry training, and other gatherings. The room is equipped with modern facilities and offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for attendees. The Langham Room is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized events and provides a peaceful environment for prayer and reflection.

40 Standing

Meeting Room

From From £1,500.00 / Minimum Spend

The Meeting Room at All Souls is a versatile space suitable for a variety of events and meetings. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it is ideal for workshops, training sessions, small conferences, and business meetings. The room is equipped with modern facilities and offers a comfortable environment for productive discussions and collaborative work. The Meeting Room is also suitable for intimate gatherings, networking events, and small receptions. Its central location in London makes it convenient for both local and out-of-town attendees.

200 Reception

Main Hall

From From £5,000.00 / Minimum Spend

The Main Hall at All Souls is a versatile space suitable for a variety of events and gatherings. It is ideal for hosting meetings, workshops, seminars, and small conferences. The space offers a warm and welcoming environment, making it perfect for social events, parties, and community gatherings. With its flexible layout, the Main Hall can accommodate different types of events, from formal dinners to casual receptions. The venue provides a supervised crèche for babies and toddlers during specific events, making it family-friendly. The Main Hall is well-equipped with modern facilities, making it a convenient choice for event organizers.

About All Souls

19th-century, working evangelical church, designed by John Nash, with an ornate galleried hall. All Souls is a vibrant venue located in London, W1B 3DA. The Workplace at All Souls is dedicated to equipping Christians to serve God in their workplaces. The venue offers a range of facilities and features to support workplace ministry, including midweek fellowships, vocational networks, and workplace events. The Ergon Fellowship, a ten-month program, is designed to equip workplace disciples for a deeper biblical understanding of their paid work. The venue also hosts various events throughout the year to encourage and equip those in the workplace. Additionally, the Workplace at All Souls facilitates networks for members of the church family to connect with and encourage others working in the same profession. The venue is committed to helping Christians live out the gospel of Christ through their work and offers opportunities for small scattered fellowships to gather in many places at many times. For those interested in joining a vocational network, there are options available for health and social care workers, as well as Christians in education. With a vision to see every Christian committed to taking their faith to work, the Workplace at All Souls is an ideal space for events, meetings, and gatherings focused on workplace ministry and equipping Christians for their professional lives.

All Souls

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