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Spaces atGlebelands School

  • From £80 per hour
  • 320 people
  • Buses from Guildford or Horsham.
  • 0m² (0ft²)
Whole Venue

Glebelands School

Whole Venue

From £80 / Venue Fee | 320 Standing

Our main hall and dining hall are expansive and versatile - they provide an excellent space for events such as kids parties, the seating is fully rearrangeable and and be made to fit your specification. For these reasons, they perfectly suitable for dry hire events and corporate events as well.

About Glebelands School

At Parsonage Road, Cranleigh, Glebelands School offers a wide range of high quality, tidy and flexible halls and spaces. With our spacious sports hall, we can accommodate your sporting events - an ideal place for games like basketball and table tennis. Moreover, our main hall and dining hall are both great for large scale events and parties. Whether you're a dance instructor looking for a venue for your classes, or you're after a meeting space, we're hoping to provide the best experience!

Glebelands School

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