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Bala Baya

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Venue price From £1500
Venue capacity 50 - 120 people

Spaces at Bala Baya

When you step into Bala Baya you instantly feel like you could be in the heart of Tel Aviv. The open space and bright light draws diners in from all over the world. Business workshops or team building at Bala Baya would be a unique experience for your company and end with a meal you would never forget.

About Bala Baya

Bala Baya is a bakery in the morning, a fast paced pitta kiosk with a sit down mezzanine at lunch and a buzzy street level restaurant at night. Our food is rooted in tradition but with a progressive and modern take.

Inspired by Bauhaus architecture, Bala Baya has created a unique space that allows you to experience the sun kissed youthfullness of Tel Aviv from the heart of Southwark.