The Hire Space Charter

We have 5 simple rules to make Hire Space better for everyone..

It's better when everyone is working together

Hire Space helps connect people with top-notch local spaces. To make this experience as wonderful as it should be, it's important that everyone shows the utmost respect to the people they interact with through the site. Hire Space is only as good as the community that uses it and we want everyone to be happy.

Customer Charter

1Read the profile before you book

There is a goldmine of useful information on Hire Space: from photos to facilities, from prices to house rules. Make sure the space is right for you before you book.

2Tell the venue about your hire

The more you tell the venue about your booking, the more likely they are to reply promptly. It's also nice for them to hear why you like their venue, so tell them that too.

3Respond promptly to any messages

You know how fantastic it is when a venue responds to your booking request within minutes and the same is true in reverse. When you respond quickly to a venue, they'll be more likely to prioritise your booking.

4Leave the space how you found it

It almost goes without saying that it is important that you leave the space how you found it so that the next person can have a great experience there too. Party hire exceptions may apply!

5Leave feedback on the venue

It's incredibly useful to the next person to see how good you thought the venue was. Next time you go to book a venue, have a look at what others have said too.

Venue Charter

1Provide accurate and breathtaking photos

Photos are the first thing customers look at when they decide to book. If you have top quality photos, be sure to use them and, if not, let us know and we'll help arrange a photographer.

2Provide up to date prices and availability

The more you put into the community that uses Hire Space, the more bookings you'll get. Accurate prices and availability will give you higher quality booking requests and lower commission.

3Respond promptly to requests

Customers love prompt responses and may well go elsewhere if you don't get back to them quickly. Even if you're not interested, it is important to let the customer know so that they can try somewhere else.

4Show guests the best of your venue

When someone does arrive at your venue having booked through Hire Space, it's important to make sure they have a great experience (and not just because they'll leave great feedback).

5Leave feedback on guests

When deciding whether to accept a booking request, it's really useful to see some feedback on your customer. To help other venues on the site, tell them what you thought of your guests - and they will do the same for you!