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Hire Space saves you the hassle of calling round a dozen venues, only to find that half are busy on the day you're looking for and the other half are too expensive.

Unusual Spaces

Hire Space has some of the UK's most unique spaces on offer, from big tops, to the top of the Gherkin. There's even a small flotilla of boats for hire.

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Hire Space's powerful search function makes it easy to find the space you want. Our intuitive booking calendar then lets you make a booking enquiry in just a few clicks.

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Hire Space will put you in front of the thousands of people looking to book space online every day. You'll receive genuine high quality enquiries from interesting new customers.

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List your venue for free. Hire Space only makes you money; it will never leave you a penny out of pocket.  We don't think we should earn anything unless you're earning too.

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We'll give you a friendly account manager to help you get set up while our tech team works round the clock to improve the site. You just need to sit back and wait for the bookings.

It's easy to list your venue on Hire Space

Finding a venue can be a source of frustration...could this be the answer?

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Hire Space means more income and less administration for venues.

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Hire Space is a new website which lets the public rent a wide range of venues.

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